IBS-M1 gataway gives no devices

I conneted IBS-M1 successfully to my phone with the app from Inkbird. I can see on the smart hub that 2 devices IBS-P01R are connected with the gateway, the blue leds are on. But when I open the Inkbird app and select the online device IBS-M1, it says: “you haven’t added any smart devices yet”. What’s wrong? Please give me advice. Thanks!

Did you connect IBS-M1 to INKBIRD app before? Is the INKBIRD app you are using the latest version?
If you re-pair the IBS-M1 with the INKBIRD app, will you still have the same problem?
If yes, could you please provide the phone model, and a video showing the problem?
I will contact an engineer to check.

Dear Tania,

It’s ok now. I only had to reboot the gateway once. The 2 clients gave both a steady blue light on the Ibs-M1. After rebooting the Ibs-m1, the 2 blue leds blink very slowely, after that, I could read the 2 tempertures on my smartphone.


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