I cannot reset a calibration of IBS-M2 for humidity

I cannot reset a calibration of IBS-M2 for humidity.
Positive correction values are stored. However, the negative correction value is not stored.
Now it is corrected to plus 3, but I cannot set this back to 0.
Even if I initialize the unit, the correction value does not return to 0.
What should I do?

Just to confirm, are you using the latest version of the INKBIRD app?
Is it possible to provide the phone model?
Did you change the settings of the IBS-M2 humidity probe? Or the settings for the humidity probe of another sensor?
If it is another sensor, could you provide the sensor model?

The app is ver1.4.6.
Phone model is iPhone 7.
I can not change a setting of only IBS-M2. Other sensors are Ok.
I tried to remove app and install again. But I can not change the setting still

Thank you for the information. I have contacted the engineers and they will fix the problem as soon as possible.