How to pause ITC-308-WIFI or IHC-200-WIFI

I use ITC-308-WIFI and IHC-200-WIFI to control temperature and humidity in my curing cupboard. It’s all great - BUT, sometimes I would like to pause the “program” or rather the actions based on the settings.

I would like to be able to monitor temperature and humidity from the app, but I would like the devices to not take any action. Why? - Curing meat might be out for smoking for a couple of days. Maintenance or cleaning of cupboard…

I assume, I could set i.e. temperature high and low and the cooling difference values in a way so that neither cooling or heating would be activated - BUT, I would rather just have a paus switch somewhere.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Sorry, they don’t have a pause switch. If you need to turn them off for a couple of days, please disconnect them from the power supply.

As said, I would like to keep monitoring the temperature and humidity, so turning them off would not really be an option.

Also - one of the great advantages of wifi is that you can control them remotely.

When I want my “pauses” I’m not necessarily on site.

Is it something one could pass on to a dev. team as a customer request?
(Proposal for new feature in next firmware update…)

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I will send it to the engineers as a suggestion.
Maybe they can plan to add this feature in the future.