How To Clear Data on TH1 Plus

I’ve been using this temperature humidity sensor to monitor my boat fridge and it’s been really helpful in making mods to improve fridge efficiency.

Can anyone tell me how to clear the data on the sensor? (This will enable faster data retrieval)

It is possible to clear historical data by changing the time interval, but please be aware that all historical data will be cleared, please export the data to backup before clearing it.

Thankyou Tania. That is so easy!

Sadly this is the only way to get the buffer reset to empty.
This also clears the buffer in a connected BT-Gateway IBS-M1 and so it will delete all history data of the related cloud data. It seems that IBS-M1 detects the change of interval, clears the internal buffer and cloud data and you lost all history.

Tania, can you please ask the developers to integrate a direct “reset buffer” function into the Engbird App and later also the Inkbird App for its support of the BT devices? This should avoid that the IBM-M1 picks up another interval of the IBS-TH1 Plus BT-broadcast and does the things it should not do.
While the Inkbird app has absorbed some of the Engbird funktionality, I still like the Engbird app much more as it provides a direct overview of the linked devices and the status.

Thanks. I will send the suggestion for the “reset buffer” function to the engineers.