High Temp Alerts in App but not reflected in timeline

I have the Inkbird ITC-306A for my saltwater aquarium with two individual heaters with their own controllers connected to the two outlets and set to 80. Temp is set to 77 and 78 with a high alert at 80 and low at 75. Occationally, as I did last week and then last night, I’m getting a high temperature notification on my phone indicating the temp is over the 80 threshold. The timeline in the app doesn’t reflect that and shows the highest it reached was 78.5 right at the time of the notification. In theory, if I get a temperature alert for 80 degrees there should only be two scenarios to cause that. 1. The ambient room temperature is 80 or over and 2. The inkbird malfunctioned. Given my night temps have been in the mid 50’s outside and inside mid 60’s, how is this even possible unless the inkbird malfunctioned? On top of that, with the timeline showing 78.5 at that time, it makes it even more odd.

Is this simply a malfunction? It’s impossible the temp in the tank was over 80 unless the inkbird allowed it to be and then my two heaters would have also had to failed on (they didn’t).

Please check if the ITC-306A turns off the heating output when the temperature reaches 78 degrees? If yes, it may be that after the heater was turned off, its residual heat kept the temperature rising, which triggered the high temperature alarm. But because it was not heating continuously, the temperature quickly dropped again, so it was not recorded.

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So far when observing it, it’s definitely turning off at 78 based on my other individual thermometer reading. The 80 degree alert has only happened at night when I was sleeping and I only saw it on the phone in the morning maybe a couple hours later. It’s not done that before in the last year I’ve had it, but I suppose the two heaters could be starting to get too hot or something has changed in them. I just got a new set a heaters to put in as regular maintenance so we will see if it happens with the new heaters.