Firmware updates (e.g. IBS-TH1 Plus) - how to?

I have 4 IBS-TH1 Plus linked to the Engbird app on my Samsung S10E. They are on duty for several weeks and supply logged data to export via the Engbird app in CSV format.
The “oldest” of these devices is on firmware 2.1, while the newer 3 are on 2.3

  • How can the oldest device be updated to the latest firmware?
  • what is the updated functionality for 2.3 over 2.1?

There is no difference in function between version 2.1 and version 2.3, they are only different chip versions.

Thanks for your explanation Tania.

I wonder if there is an option to update the firmware of the IBS-TH1 Plus in any way?

As you noticed, I am not happy with the “compression” of T/H data when retrieved via the Engbird app from the IBS-TH1 Plus. If by any chance the developers are convinced that supplying an option to switch off compression, could my devices profit from an updated firmware?

It seems logical, that compression happens inside the IBS-TH1 Plus, but observing the interaction between Engbird App and the device(s) - it could also be part of the Engbird App functionality. Then an updated Engbird App would suffice.

Sorry, the firmware version cannot be updated. The way it is recorded cannot be changed. I’ve contacted the engineers and they replied that they will consider changing the algorithm in the future product.

Oh, this is really sad to read. I was hoping that some day I might profit from an updated firmware.