IBS-TH1 vs IBS-TH2 family - data compression or not?

Hi, I own 4 IBS-TH1 Plus sensors and lately also an IBS-M1 gateway.

As I had to learn, the IBS-TH1 Plus is not storing the data as the logging interval is set, but after having recorded 10 data items it deletes the datapoints 2-9 and replaces them with linear interpolated data between point 1 and 10. The history data-log is thus not delivering what it promised, except the latest maximum 9 values if you exported before the last block was compressed.
I suspect the same behavior for any of the IBS-TH1 sensor family.

  • Does the IBS-TH2 family apply the same (or different) compression to the logged data?
  • Do you provide any sensor with internal logging and external temperature probe that does NOT compress its internal data?
  • Some kind of working around the internal compression is to use the IBS-M1 gateway to log to the cloud, however restricting the applicable use-cases.