Enrolling ITC-308 WIFI onto the Tuya IOT Development Platform

I want the ITC-308 to appear in my Tuya IOT Development Platform (Cloud Services). Please give me some guidance. My IOT account is up and functioning. I just don’t see the ITC-308 device.

I can’t seem to enroll the device into the Tuya App, but it enrolls fine into Inkbird’s version of that app, but does not then appear in the IOT Dev Platform.

Must I enroll it into the Tuya App? If so, which device should I choose to manually enroll it?

Or, is there a trick to linking the device to the IOT Dev Platform when enrolled in the Inkbird app?

Sorry, this feature is still under development and ITC-308-WIFI is not recommended to be used with other apps at this time.

This is encouraging nonetheless. Having external access to the device will be hugely helpful, as you’ve heard from many other users, particularly those using the Home Assistant Home automation system.


  • What is the expected timing?
  • Will devices in the field need firmware updates or will they just “Work” with the main Tuya Platform and Tuya’s “IOT Development” as well as with Inkbird’s White Labeled version of Tuya?