Email push notifications?

How can I receive an email when an alert is triggered instead of relying on hearing my phone in real time? I sometimes missing the beeping from the app. If this is not currently possible, it should be. Could IFTTT help?

Sorry, the app doesn’t have this feature. It does not support connecting IFTTT.

Hopefully, it is on your roadmap of improvements. This seems like a very basic thing to do and makes a lot of sense in case I miss a direct app alert that does not appear on the phone long. I don’t like having to constantly check the app to see if my hot tub has already frozen up a day later.

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I will send it as a suggestion to the engineer. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Looks like I just found the answer to my question here:

This seems like pretty shortsighted application engineering. I guess we’ll look elsewhere for our monitoring solutions.