306a sms notifications

I just got an inkbird 306-A and am unable to set up the push notification on it. It keeps comming up with the message unavalible jetwork please check your phone’s network. The device is connected to it and it is reading the temp where I can see the changes. I got this so I could have jotifications when I am not home. Has anyone run into this and figured it out?

Do you mean ITC-306A triggered the high/low temperature alarm, but there is no notification on the phone?
May I know that are you using the latest version of Inkbird pro app? What is the phone model?
Is your mobile phone able to access the Internet?
Because it needs to synchronize the data of ITC-306A through the network.
Please make sure that the permission of inkbird pro is turned on on the mobile phone, and the notification and ringtone functions are also turned on in the settings of the mobile phone.