What is “Linkage” (under IBS-M1 device), and how do I set it up?

I have the IBS-M1 gateway and the IBS-TH1 temperature sensor. In the Inkbird app (iPhone), when I select the M1 device there is an option at the bottom called Linkage. When I select that it needs me to add a device, which I start by hitting “+” and selecting my TH1 sensor. I then select one “limit” (probe temp, lower limit) and then hit Done. This then shows me a box with my sensor and limit, and next to that is a button “Next Step”. When I hit that button it goes to a new screen and shows the same “sensor & limit” box, but nothing else… no buttons or devices. Clicking the box just goes back to the previous screen. What am I doing wrong? Is this feature documented somewhere? Thanks

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Just to confirm, have you connected the IBS-M1 to the INKBIRD APP?
If yes, please put IBS-TH1 next to IBS-M1, please reinstall the batteries of IBS-TH1, IBS-M1 will automatically search for nearby sensor signals and connect.