Using oven probe on IBT-26S 5G gives incorrect temperature

I recently bought a IBT-26S 5G and it came with 4 meat probes but no oven probe.

I bought a oven probe (IBT-4XS) but the temperature is 16 degrees Celsius higher than the meat probes, no Mather which socket I put the oven probe in.

Unfortunately the IBT-26S only corrects the temperature for -7 or +7 degrees.

Is there a way to use the oven probe correctly or is there a oven probe that works with this Thermometer?

Please understand that the IBT-26S is not compatible with the IBT-4XS probe. Using the wrong type of probe will result in incorrect readings.
Sorry, IBT-26S currently does not have an oven temperature probe for sale. But the IBT-26S meat probe can be used as an oven probe.

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Thank you, i was coming to do some research trying to find a oven probe for my new IBT-26s but i found this and you answered my question!