Try to Build a Room for the Plants this Winter

Recently the temperature has decreased greatly, I couldn’t bear to put plants on the balcony in winter to be destroyed by the cold wind, so I intend to build a warm room for my treasured plants. I drew on many people’s transformations, combined with the size of my own balcony, and completed a mini greenhouse by myself, looking forward to the results later.

-PVC film on the balcony is the most convenient, can be customized according to the size of the balcony, and build a good skeleton that can be directly affixed.
-Temperature. I still use the itc-308-wifi to regulate the temperature in the greenhouse and it works very well! Especially with tropical plants, it helps me to keep the temperature in the right range for them.
-Humidity. I haven’t installed anything for the time being and the humidity in the greenhouse is high so I don’t think I need to humidify it very often, but if I’m away from home for an extended period of time, I’ll consider installing a humidifier. I feel that the ihc-200-wifi from inkbird is very good and I might consider picking it if I choose a humidifier.
-Lighting. I didn’t buy a filler light because the balcony at home is in a better location and gets enough light hours, so I put my mini greenhouse out on the balcony to get some sun. lol.

Summing up. A balcony is a small place, so you have to work on the vertical so that we can make more use of the space. These simple greenhouses are not expensive and not too difficult to build, so they are more suitable for plant lovers who are not too handy.