Tips for Tomato Planting

It’s hard to get good tomatoes in the market anymore, but they can be grown indoors on a balcony/window sill, even in the cold winter months! After a period of research, my fellow florists and I have verified that it is possible to grow tomatoes in pots indoors on windowsills/balconies in the winter, no problem at all! But it is important to note that:

(1) The soil should be breathable and soft nutrient soil.
(2) The soil should receive at least half a day of direct sunlight. You need at least 4-6 hours of direct light per day (if there is not enough light or no direct light at all, you can use a plant filler).
(3) Indoor winter planting requires hand pollination, simply by shaking the tomato stems by hand 1-2 times a day after flowering.
(4) The minimum temperature for the maintenance environment needs to be above 10 degrees. (If the minimum outdoor temperature is 10 degrees or more you can plant in the open air) Temperature is an important factor in seed germination and higher temperatures can also speed up tomato germination.

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