Winter Caring Tips for Plants

Winter is the hardest time for the houseplant: shorter days with lower light levels, dry air, and chilly temperatures. To help our plants survive winter, we need to pay more attention to the care routines.

a. Clean windows to allow maximum light transmission,
b. Dust off the plants and move them near the window;
d. Add artificial light when necessary.

Typically, tropical houseplants require a temperature range between 65-75°F during the day and 10 degrees cooler at night. And any temperatures below 50°F can cause problems. We can use temp controllers to heat or cool the temp, itc-308 is definitely the king in this field!

Homes may offer only 5-10% relative humidity in winter, while our houseplants usually require 40-50%. Thus, we can mist the plants, or use a humidifier to increase the humidity and a themo-hygrometer is a useful tool to monitor the rh.

The most common problem houseplants suffer from in winter is overwatering. Before watering, we’d better poke the finger into soil up to 2 inches to see if the soil is dry, never water too much.

The plants may need to fertilize in mild climates, but not require fertilizer in cold weather.

Any good ideas about planting, I’m glad to hear your voice. :cowboy_hat_face:

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wonderful tips. thank you! i’ll follow to take good care my plants too :+1: