Temperature calibration for IBT-2X

My IBT-2X have the readout temp wrong by many degrees on both channels.
Is there any way to do a probe calibration?
For example with ice water or other similar systems?
Someone know which kind of probes are used? PT100? PT1000? or what else?
Thank you

The probe of the IBT-2X is NTC probe.
May I know the using temperature for the probe?
Could you please put the probe and probe’s cable (excluding the probe’s plug) in a 150C (302 F) oven for 30 minutes, then test it with boiling water ( please hang the probes and do not let it touch the container). Can it work?

Please note that the cable of the probe (silver wire) is not waterproof. Please do not immerse the cable into the water when washing the temperature probe.
Otherwise, it will show an incorrect temperature if there is water in the cable.
Please do not put the probe/the probe’s cable in the fire or place it in which temperature is higher than 250C/482F. Otherwise, the probe and the cable will be damaged.

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I understand, thanks also for the suggestions, I will try to do the tests you suggest even if I already know the answer, for sure there are no problems with the probes.
The thermometer is new, just bought, at the first cooking test I realized that the readouts were wrong.
This is why I asked if there is a way to calibrate the probes and for the same reason I asked what kind of probes they are.
You say that these are NTC probes, normally, when using an NTC probe, which as you probably know are NON LINEAR devices, a calibration mechanism is implemented to correct their non-linearity.
For example, putting the probe in frozen water but at the melting point, therefore about zero degrees, and then apply the correction factor, after the setup point is repeated with water at boiling level, i.e. one hundred degrees.
This way we don’t gain an excellent setup, the NTC probes would be characterized one by one, they are all different, but I don’t think, given the cost of the object, you can do this characterization operation for eache probe…
Thsi is why I have imagined that PTC100 or PTC1000 probes were used, which are accurate on their own and cost as much, if not less than an NTC.
But these are corporate choices.
Anyway, thank you for the answer, I’ll try to solve it my way.

Sorry, the IBT-2X cannot use PTC100 or PTC1000 probes.
If you are using it for the first time, please also confirm whether the probe is inserted tightly. If it is not fully pushed in, it is also possible to cause an incorrect reading.
If the reading is still inaccurate after testing, please send the screenshot/link of this post and the order information to support@inkbird.com. They will provide after-sales service, thank you.

Thank you very much
I solved the trouble in other way