Sensitivity of IBS-M2

I have 2 IBS-M1 gateways for buildings that have metal walls and are some distance from each other. They both have mesh routers for WiFi. When the IBS-M2 was available I got 2, one for the house and one to replace the one in the shop (to reduce the number of sensors needed). The one in the house works great but the one in the shop keeps losing connectivity with a sensor that is 5’ away on the other side of a metal wall. It has no problems with the sensor in the shop itself and with the router. The older IBS-M1 has no problems communicating with the sensor and is 2’ from the M2. Additionally, the other M1 (in the barn) can also see the sensor which is 75’ away and through a metal wall. So is the sensitivity of the M2 lower or do I have a “bad” M2?

If there are no obstacles between the sensor and the IBS-M2, can they be connected more than 5’?
Or if the position of the two IBS-M2 is swapped for testing, is the problem the same?

It appears that the issue is temperature related. Now that we are above freezing both gateways see the sensor.

The IBS-M2 appears to have a marginal Wi-Fi antenna, as mine frequently loses connectivity as well (regardless of temperature). My TP-Link monitor shows the following when my IBS-M2 (top) and my Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus / TB-X606F (bottom) are collocated on the deck of my pool several hundred feet away from my CPE210 access point.

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I’ve also found that the antennas are directional and the orientation of the M2 matters more as distance increases.

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