Scheduling wifi itc-308 to turn cold plunge pump and chiller on and off not working

I have the wifi itc-308 setup to turn on and off throughout the day to a normal range of 46 degrees F, and set to chill the cold plunge to 39 degrees on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 01:00 AM to be ready at temp by the time I use it at 04:45 AM. It was working fairly well for a couple of months, but now it is not turning it on for those specific days to go down to 39 degrees. Still turns it on and off when it reaches the normal 46 degrees, but not the scheduled times for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What can I do to get this working as planned again?

Please ensure that ITC-308-WIFI remains connected to the network.
Is it possible to send the following information to via email:

  1. Your country, mobile phone model and device ID of ITC-308-WIFI.
    The device ID of ITC-308-WIFI can be viewed and copied through the INKBIRD app - ITC-308-WIFI - ‘…’ in the upper right corner - Device Information.
  2. Screenshots of specific settings
  3. Order information

Engineers will investigate this issue.

Just sent the email to support.