Problem selecting automations to execute

Hello, through an automation I need to deactivate a series of automations and activate others. The device is the space heater IHT-01W and I would like to set two different temperature ranges for day and night. For this reason I have two automations for the daytime and two others for the night, each with maximum and minimum temperatures which regulate the switching on and off of the device. However, I think there is a problem in the application as it does not detect the existing automations when you go to choose one. Thanks to anyone who wants to help me.

Could you please let me know the phone model?
Could you please provide screenshots of the setting?

IPhone 8 Plus iOS 15.0.2

Thank you. I would create a task to enable/disable a scene, but as you can see it says that there aren’t scenes available, and I have 2 of them.

I contacted the engineer, they replied that this feature is still being adjusted and they will update this feature as soon as possible.

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