IBS-TH3 WIFI PLUS automation/scenes not possible

Hi community,
we have about 5 IBS-TH3 WIFI PLUS in our home to monitor some rooms and use them with the inkbrid-app.
I’d like to automate a few things with sockets we also have successfully paired in inkbird-app.

In the scenes/automation setup are all the IBS-TH3 WIFI PLUS devices not listet as sources to built actions with.
Is this correct? Is there no chance to set up routines like if IBS-TH3 WIFI PLUS kitchen Temp is greater then 30°C then Socket XYZ status ON…

We also have a IBS-TH3-WIFI - this one shows up in the scenes setup to build automation-rules with it…

Thanks in advance!

No ideas or tips at all?
Can anyone confirm behavior or is it „as expected“?

Sorry, the automation features of the INKBIRD app are limited. Currently it does not support IBS-TH3 PLUS with socket linkage.

What model can support automatic scene, Because i have same problem on IBS-TH5-WIFI that cannot show device for choose in scene.

Sorry, the automatic scene function is still under development, please use the original function of the device.