IPT-2CH it will not turn start heating again automatically when temp drops from target temperature. it reaches target temperature it will not turn on automaticlly when temperature falls

The product is great and works well except after if reaches target temperature and the temp drops below the target I have to go to settings screen and back again for it to start heating again. This means I have to baby sit the controller if I want it to stay at or near the target temp.

Is it possible to provide the current temperature reading, and the setting of IPTC-2CH?

I just reread the instructions and I misunderstood how to work the low range and high range. Essentially I expected it to work off of the high range only but now i understand once it gets to the high range it cools down until it reaches the low range and then turns on again.

I tested this out and it works perfectly. I adjusted the temps to surround the temp I had it mind so it will go back and forth between low and high and that is just fine.
Thank you for the reply.

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