My harvest of growing oyster mushroom

Once I came out of the thought of growing mushrooms at home, I decided to carry it out. Before I started, I visited a mushroom expert, Ivan, who taught me a lot.
Oyster mushrooms are my premium choice, they are tasty, easy to grow, multiply fast, and can cope with cold weather.
I do the TP ( Toilet Paper ) method and keep them in the growing bags. Every week or two I take a few inoculated rolls out of the fridge for fruit. It takes about 7 - 10 days to harvest once taken out of the refrigerator.

Something you should pay attention
Light: an indirect lighting source or shaded windowsill will be sufficient.
·Fresh Air: provide a 5cm slit or hole for growing out from.
·Humidity: it is important to keep the humidity high (85-90% is recommended). You can spray it with water and monitor the environment with a hygrometer.
·Temperature: most oyster mushroom strains are not too fussy about the temperature, but do remember to move the mushroom production inside with the winter setting in.
So if you want to learn how to grow oyster mushrooms, just come and try, easier than imagine :sunglasses:


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