ITC306TWifi work at certain time?

Hello Is it possible to turn ON and OFF the pugged device (pool pump) at certain time for X hours?
ex: start at 6AM and stop at 8AM? no matter what is the temperature?
and i would like to do this several time in the day… start at 6AM for 2 hours, and start again at 1PM for 2 hrs… IS it possible?

Sorry it doesn’t have this feature.
Its two time periods work in cycles.
For example, during 8:00~18:00, keep temperature within 22~25C, during 18:00~8:00, keep temperature within 27~25C.
It cannot set one of the time periods to be off.
In addition, please note that the ITC-306T-WIFI can only control the heating device to maintain the temperature range, it cannot control the cooling device.