ITC-308-WIFI Turning Audio Alarm On?

Huawei Android. I’ve tried everything I can find to try. Screen flashes with alarm. But, no sound? How may I get audio, please?

Please understand that if the APP triggers an alarm while it is running in the foreground, because it has already displayed the alarm code, it is assumed that the user has already seen the alarm, so it will not have an alarm sound, only the device will sound the alarm.

" only the device will sound the alarm. "

Not absolutely certain whether ye mean the Phone, or the ITC? Either way, there’s no Sound from either, when the ITC is flashing.

Anyway; I’ve now got an ITC-305T-WIFI V3.0.

This one actually shows " Alarm Sound ", under settings. I have it on green. Ramped up the temperature. ITC flashed the alarm. Phone remained silent.

I wouldn’t have believed getting Any alarm sound was even possible. Had I not seen it on you tube, where a guy was showing off his ITC-308. His Android made a heck of a noise.

Now, this 305 specifically Shows me it has an alarm sound.

What am I missing, please, Tania? :neutral_face:

What I mean is that if the INKBIRD APP is running in the foreground, when the ITC-308-WIFI triggers an alarm, the INKBIRD APP will not have an alarm sound, but the ITC-308-WIFI will. However, if any button on the body of the ITC-308-WIFI is pressed, or the temperature returns to the alarm range, the ITC-308-WIFI does turn off the alarm sound.
If the ITC-308-WIFI body does not sound an alarm, could you please send a video of ITC-308-WIFI that will not sound after triggering the alarm to the email
Please also attach the link to this post and order information.
Thanks for your cooperation.

" If any button on the body of the ITC-308-WIFI is pressed … "

That’s what I was missing! :grin: I’d obviously just messed with the Body too much, whilst trying to organise an alarm tripping.

Today, I took the 308 ~ and my phone, and camera ~ into a cold room. Hoping to soon activate the alarm. As soon as I plugged the 308 in? My phone started making a new noise! :loud_sound: :clap:

I’ll have to try that out with the 305 T too, next time I change my frogs water.

Thanks, Tania!

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