ITC-308-WIFI Alarm

Hi, Is there a way to turn off the alarm from the app on my phone? Or can I only turn off the alarm at the actual unit?

Sorry, the ITC-308-WIFI alarm cannot be disabled. If the alarm function is not required, please set the alarm range larger so that it will not be triggered.

How do I set the alarm range larger?

Please note that the AH (High tempearture value) is the alarm high limit function, AL (Low temperature value) is the alarm low limit function.
When the temperature reaches/ above AH or reaches/ below AL, it will alarm.
If you want to change it to a larger alarm range, please change the setting of AL to a lower value and the setting of AH to a higher value.

Thank you for your reply!

I changed the settings as you suggested, but I’m concerned that now the higher high temperature value will mean the fan won’t go on? (Which is the reason we got this device in the first place.) The fan has worked perfectly…the alarm is annoying to say the least lol. Thanks so much for helping me to solve this problem!

Please understand that alarm settings AL and AH do not affect temperature control. It’s just an alarm range.
Temperature control settings are composed of TS (SV), HD, and CD.
Please refer to: