ITC-308 WiFi activity log

Is there a way to see when heating/cooling was activated on the ITC-308? When accessing the app I can see if one currently is, and by the colour what the last “mode” was. But AFAICT not when that was and if anything happened before that.

Is there any log or similar of when which mode was active? I currently have tried the Smart & Pro apps if that helps, but would be happy to use something else.

Sorry it doesn’t have this feature. It has a graph function, maybe you could judge by the historical temperature curve changes?

Thank you, but it won’t tell me if it dropped because of cooling or low ambient temperature.

Perhaps an easy thing (as it wouldn’t need additional UI / menu) would be to use different colours in the graph?

  • Blue: active cooling
  • Orange: active heating
  • Grey: passive

And (separate) pinch zoom on the chart, or at least a better more dynamic scale would also be helpful in interpreting.

Thanks for considering.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will let the engineers know.