ITC-308 - Is mine defective?

I just received my ITC-308. When I plug it in I get “Hd” in the top window and “2.0c” in the bottom window. If I press SET for more than 3 seconds, nothing happens. Up and Down arrows keys do nothing.

Am I missing something is is this unit defective?

Could you please loosen screws on the back of the controller a little, then:

  1. unplug the controller
  2. press the ‘set’ button (please do not release it before power on).
  3. plug the controller, then release the ‘set’ button.
  4. It will enter test mode, please press the ‘up’ or ‘down’ button, the heating and cooling lights will alternately be lit and extinguished.
  5. unplug and re-plug the controller (you do not need to press the ‘set’ button), it will enter normal mode.
    Can it work properly?


When I do step 3, the controller goes into heating mode and shows the temperatures in Celsius. Again, none of the buttons do anything.

When I then unplug it and plug it back in, it goes back to showing "Hd” in the top window and “2.0c” in the bottom window. None of the buttons respond to short or long presses.

There may be a problem with this ITC-308, please contact the seller for a replacement.