ITC 306A - Dual probe


I hace an issue with the controller. See result of my test.


1 hour test with third party thermometer heater on in water (incorrect probe sensitivity)

Reference thermometer show gradual increase of 0,1 from 27,9 to 28,6 but the Innkbird (probe at the same place) stay at 27,8 for one hour to finally jump to 28,5 ! With so much variance controller is not usefull.

Any idea, faulty probe unit is brand new.



The temperature reading of the ITC-306A is updated approximately every 3 seconds. It has reading stabilization processing. It is to prevent the short-term temperature fluctuations from being too severe and causing the heating equipment to be turned on/off frequently.
The temperature accuracy of the ITC-306A is ±1°C (-50~70°C) / ±2°F (-58~160°F).
In addition, the ITC-306A’s reading display is the highest reading between the two probes, which may be causing it to have an issue that the readings seem to jump.

Thank you, I understand that the 2 probe concept add a security feature but maybe not the best feature in my case since sensor sensitivity to small temp variation is the most important aspect for me. ITC306T with aquarium probe would be a better choice. I don’t know if it’s possible to change the probe (single) with this unit ? Or if a new unit is required ? Also if Inkbird will be willing to accommodate me with this issue ?

Sorry, because of the particularity of the ITC-306A probes, it is necessary to disassemble the machine to replace the probes. It cannot replace one of the probes alone.