Doubts on ITC 308 T° control


I have purchase an Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature controler , which I connect (via the “heating” plug of the ITC-308 ) to a Biogreen Palma 2.0 electrical heater for heating my greenhouse.

When the Biogreen heater is not activated, the T° measured/shown by the Inkbird ITC-308 is very similar (difference < 1/10th C°) to T° measured by 2 other different sensors (differend brands). The wired probe of the Inkbird ITC-308 is very close (few cm) to the 2 other sensors.

As soon as the electrical heater is activated by the Inkbird ITC-308 (because the “Set T°” has been reached), the T° shown by the Inkbird ITC-308 rise much quicker than the T° shown by the 2 other sensors (T° shown by the 2 other sensors rise much more slowly but remain coherent between them).

It looks like the Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature controler measure/shows an overestimated T°when it activates the heater.

What could be the cause of this problem, and I can I solve it ?


Can I know the deviation between the probe of ITC-308 and the other two sensors after heating?
Because the probe of ITC-308 is sensitive, it captures subtle changes in temperature, which may cause this problem.
If you want to make their readings close, maybe you could place the probe of ITC-308 slightly away from the heater to make its reading change close to the other two sensors?
Can it work?


The difference was up to 3 C° sometimes, but I think that, as you mentioned, maybe the two other sensors have more thermal inertia than the ITC probe, and they take more time than the ITC to show the actual T° when the T° rise quickly.

I will make complementary measures and will let u know.

Thks for having reverted to me.

Ok, if there is any news, please feel free to let me know :slight_smile: