Isc-007bw Extra probe

Maybe I am missing something. Just opened up my new isc-007bw and the probe meant to clip into the grates falls right through on my XLBGE stock grates. So it’s useless. I have extra normal clips from my old Maverick so using that with one of the 2 remaining probes

Any place to get a replacement regular probe so I can have 2 food/1 temp probe?

If the probe is damaged just out of the box, please provide a photo of the probe to the seller for replacement.

its not damaged - just a poor design on the probe that is supposed to clip onto the grate. the clip is too small and it falls through the grates on an XL Big Green Egg standard grate. I had to use 1 of the two remaining sensors as an ambient air temp sensor and used a spare clip like the one in the link to hold it up so now I just have 1 food probe whereas I’d like to have two food probes

I will send the suggestion about the clip to the engineers, maybe they can consider improving it.
Food probes are sold separately, please purchase as needed.

Thank you for the link to purchase new.

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