Is the (12V) ITC-1000F 10A switched circuit an actual isolated relay contact or electronic switch?

 Based on the dialog from other questions/answers regarding connection of the ITC-1000F, I am wondering if the 10A switching connection is a physical isolated relay contact or possibly a unidirectional electronic switch.  This would make a BIG difference in what appliances can be used with it.  
Your responses to problems always requires?suggests pin #5 and #7 be connected to + of the power source (pin #1), and pins #6 and #8 to be connected to the + side of whatever appliance is being controlled, and with appliance - leads connected to - of power source (or pin #2).  
 IF, the 5-6 and 7-8 connections were isolated contacts, then connecting #5 and #7 to power -, with pins #6 and #8 to - side of appliances, and with + side of appliances connected to power +, would also be a valid solution.  BUT, if the 5-6 and 7-8 connection are unidirectional switches, that might explain why some applications cannot work with this unit.

Please clarify…