Is it safe to brew beer in garage? Security Tips

There is no beer-related reason why you couldn’t brew beer in your garage. To brew beer you just need the proper equipment and ingredients along with a heat source that can bring your water up to the correct temps for mashing, sparging, and boiling the wort.
Here are some practical tips which can help us when we brew beer in our garage.

No.1 To ensure adequate ventilation
If we use a combustible fuel, carbon monoxide poisoning, we have to ensure adequate ventilation and the easiest way is to open the garage door and brew near the open door.

No.2 To make sure clearance from all combustibles, and keep away children and animals
Keeping a fire extinguisher on hand is a must, though.

No.3 Boiling liquids is another risk
Taking adequate precautions is always to keep in mind.

No.4 To ensure all our circuits are protected by groud fault circuit interruption
If we use electricity in our garage for beer brewing, we are in the risk of associating with mixing water and electricity or even getting electrocuted, so we HAVE TO ensure all our circuits are protected by groud fault circuit interruption and also keep our body and the electricity away from water.

No.5 To deal with water well
Most of our garages do not have drains or slopes, which do not like decks or driveways, and we maybe in the risk of being slipped by water, so we need to be very careful for spilled water.
We need to be especially careful for this, especially if we brew beer in winter.

No.6 Clutter or tripping hazards can be bad
Declutter before brewing and make sure that any hazardous chemicals stored in the garage cannot be mixed with the beer. IMPORTANT!

No.7 to Get well sanitize and fermentation temperature under well control
Getting sanitized well is a must for all brewing, no matter where and when we brew, and controlling the fermentation temp well is also one of the key/fatal progress for our homebrewing.

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