Is an addition probe available for the IBS-TH2 Plus?

I ordered several of the ITC-608T Temperature only probes for my IBS-TH2 Plus sensors as the combination temperature/humidity probe didn’t fit my application. Silly me! The input jack on the 608T is a 3.5mm jack and is too large to fit the TH2 Plus which requires a 2.5mm jack. Nothing wrong with these probes just be aware they cannot be used with the IBS-TH2 Plus sensors.

Is anyone aware if there is a temperature only probe for the IBS-TH2 Plus that you can order separately from the sensor body? If not, I’ll get and test a 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female adapter to see if that works.


The IBS-TH2 PLUS can only be used with IBS-TH2 PLUS model probes, please do not purchase other models as they are not compatible.
The link of the external temperature probe of IBS-TH2 PLUS is:

Thanks Tania! Appreciate the quick response.

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