Sensor length - Temperature and humidity Hygrometer IBS-TH2

Hi everyone,

Nowhere I easily found the sensor length on the site. Any chance someone can tell me ?


IBS-TH2 has a built-in probe, it has no external probe, so it has no probe length.

Thanks Tania. Perhaps I should have asked a different question. I want to install an hygrometer and thermometer probe or device in a concrete bunker (wine and vegetable cellar) with the reading device located outside the bunker on the upper floor. This is why I originally asked if there was a wired probe as I am unsure if the bluetooth waves will pass through the concrete.

The Bluetooth signal is affected by obstacles such as walls/doors/windows. It may not pass through concrete very well.
If you need an external probe, how about the IBS-TH2 PLUS + temperature and humidity probe? It has about 2 meters of probe + probe wire.
Or ITH-20R + IBS-M1 gateway? ITH-20R uses RF technology and it will have a signal range farther than Bluetooth. the ITH-20R-O transmitter can connect to the IBS-M1 gateway via RF and the IBS-M1 gateway can connect to phone app via internet available 2.4GHz wifi (not sure if the 2.4GHz wifi is covered where you plan to install). After successful connection, the phone can realize remote view data.
ITH-20R details:
IBS-M1 details:

These seem like very good options. Thanks so much for responding.