Inkbird ITH-20R with IBS-M1 gateway

I purchased (3) ITH-20R’s with a display (that shows ambient temp) and the IBS-M1 gateway. I am trying to use them in my Sprinter Van (which has a wifi network in it) to monitor and warn me if sensitive areas are freezing (water tank) or overheating (fridge) via wifi.
The gateway links to the display, and then the sensors (one with probe, one without) show up tied to the display. (sensors don’t tie to the gateway) The display shows both the sensor AND the probe temp (I only care about the probe).

  1. The app shows the temp at the geo location of my home (I had to pick somewhere) and not the ambient temp of the display. Is the display able to project its temp to the app?
  2. Is there a way to disable the sensor temp and only show the probe?

3. When parked at home, I’d rather tie to my home network than the Mifi. Can I alternate networks on the gateway? (If I shut off my Mifi, will it find my home network or do I have to manually change it?)


Please note that IBS-M1 supports the ITH-20R-O transmitter (without display), it does not support connecting the ITH-20R-I receiver (with a display).
Please insert the probe into the ITH-20R-O transmitter. Please put the ITH-20R-O next to the IBS-M1 and reinstall the battery, it will automatically connect to the IBS-M1.
On the homepage of the app, it will display your local weather.
Please click the IBS-M1 on the app, it will display the readings of the ITH-20R-O.
IBS-M1 gateway cannot replace the network. It needs to be connected to a 2.4GHz wifi that can access the Internet. If the connected 2.4GHz wifi is turned off, it cannot upload data.

Is a Display receiver with connection being considered

But does it always show 2 temps (sensor and probe) or can it only show probe?

Great if in a home, not great if using in a mobile vehicle.

Yes. I have a cellular wifi network in the van. But when I’m home, I turn off that network but still want to monitor the sensors using my home network. Can it switch to home network automatically (with permission) or do I need to completely reset every time?

Because the receiver only has the function of receiving data, the current product cannot meet this requirement. I’ll send it to the engineers as a suggestion, maybe they can consider optimizing this feature in the future.
The IBS-M1 will display the readings of the ITH-20R-O built-in temperature probe and the external temperature probe. It cannot display the readings of the external temperature probe alone.
The local weather display in the app is just a reference, it can be changed by changing the location.
If the IBS-M1’s network changes, it needs to be re-paired manually.

Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately Inkbird won’t work for my application. I wish there was more clarity in your product pages and on Amazon so I didn’t waste so much time. Also, I think your app could be easier to use also. I’m going to SensorPush.