Ipt-2ch has no data in app

My ipt-2ch are not giving me graph or data but have correct temp display on app

Could you provide your country, phone model, phone system version and device ID of IPT-2CH?
Please make sure you are using the latest version of INKBIRD APP.

In the united states phone is a samsung galaxy s23 ultra andriod using Verizon app ID eb4897fdb6e93996a5jtft, eb7dbc5f7e27c84e63jspv, 63525134e868e7f0f611, 36882158483fda1cd74c, 018232048cce4efaa9b4 I’m running 5 of them and everthing is yp to date

I contacted the engineers and they did a preliminary check, tested with an account in the same country, or checked your device ID but found no problem. Is it possible to provide a screenshot of one of the device charts with no data? They will do further checks.

This is what I get