IPT-2ch and Inkbird Pro App Smart Automation?

Hello, I have the IPT-2ch device. Is it possible to set port 1 and port 2 to turn on at a certain time each day and how do I do that? It’s quite difficult to know how to setup the smart automation when some of the fields are in Chinese. I have the app set to English but some are still in Chinese. Is there a user manual for the app? Thanks!

May I know that are you using the latest version of Inkbird pro app?
I’m sorry that IPT-2CH cannot implement this function. After power on, the output of work1 and work2 runs all day according to the temperature setting. It cannot be set to turn on at a certain time.


The app version is 3.3.5 and I believe it’s the latest.

I have contacted the engineer, they will fix the translation problem as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.