INKBIRD app smart features

Hello, new to INKBIRD, excited about the all of the possible applications. Currently using a Wi-Fi 308 to monitor my outdoor furnace water temp. I have a IHC 200 on the way to run my whole house humidifier. I also have hobbies that will probably lead to having more of these gadgets.

So far I’m enjoying the INKBIRD app, and I managed to set a low temp alarm notification for my furnace. However, I’m curious about the “automation” and “tap to run” features and I haven’t been able to find any helpful information about how to properly use them. Is there something I’m missing? I was hoping for at least a brief run through of how to use them without just experimenting on my own. Thanks!

Why does the app not save my 'tap-to-run" tasks? Twice, I have set up 3 tasks, under the “tap-to-run” sections. When I go back to toggle between them, they are gone. Am I missing something?