Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 google assistant

This has been working fine for 2 years with google assistant. Recently I have not been able to change the temp in the google home app. Everything worked fine in the inkbird app. It would only show the current temp in the room and no way to change any settings in google. I tried to unlink and relink to google but that did not fix it.

The problem I am having now is I am not able to link it back to google. Only thing it gives me the instructions to do it but it there is no way to link it. I logged into the smart life app and there are no devices in there either.

Anyone seen this before?

May I know which app you are using?
Is it Inkbird smart?
I contacted the engineers and they suggested using the INKBIRD app. If possible, maybe you can use INKBIRD app?

Yes I was using inkbrid smart app. I installed the app you suggested but it made me create another account. Is that normal. It did not show device. I logged into inkbrid pro and my account worked fine. Is this normal? My device is buried in my attic so it would be pain to go up to re add to the other app.


The engineers have tested the Inkbird smart and they have found no problems so far.
Perhaps you could provide the phone model and a video of how you pair it to They will check the details.
Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

Took awhile messing with it to get it back on the wifi.

When I try to share it with Google assistant via your direction the options in the picture do not show up. Also it will not add to the regular inkbrid app. Keeps saying it can’t find it

When I try to add it from Google it say I have no devices shared with smart life

Sorry to be contacting you so late.
Now that there is a new development on this issue, is it possible to provide your device ID?The engineer needs to do some debugging.
The device ID can be viewed via the app - ITC-308-WIFI - more in the top right hand corner.

No worries. It started working a few days ago so I figured you guys had fixed something. Device ID 60800068bcddc23f4d23

Let me know if you need any more information.


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