Inkbird ITH-20R Wireless Thermometer

Hello everyone, this is my first time here and I’m seeking help with my Inkbird ITH-20R Wireless Thermometer battery displays.
I have two remote sensors in addition to the base station, the one in the cellar is CH1 and the one in the loft is CH2.
They have been working well since I installed them in December 2022 but now the battery indicators are showing that the batteries are getting low so I changed CH2 (loft) and checked the voltage of the ones in the base station and CH1 (Cellar) and they aren’t too bad. The indicator for CH2 shows full, CH1 shows 1 bar and CH8 shows full.
I’m guessing from this that CH1 refers to the battery condition and likewise for CH2 but what is CH8? does this refer to the battery condition of the base station, if not how do I monitor the condition of the batteries in the base station?

Please refer to:

Thanks Tania but it doesn’t really answer my question. I need to know which unit needs new batteries in it? I’ve put fully charged rechargeable batteries in the CH1 remote sensor but unless I am wrong the display shows only 1 bar on the battery indicator on this channel as shown in the attached photo.
Does this mean that even though the batteries are full charged they are not suitable and only non rechargable batteries should be used?

According to the picture, the power of CH1 is not enough.
If possible, please use non-rechargeable batteries. This is because some rechargeable batteries will have less voltage than non-rechargeable batteries, and this may cause the power level to be displayed incorrectly.

Thanks Tania, I was beginning to suspect that was the cause.

Changing to the non rechargeable batteries solved the problem - thank you!

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