INKBIRD-ITC 306a connection

Hello, I am new to this community and i have a question. I have two inkbird 306-itca, can you have multiple inkbird-itc 306A connecting to the INKBIRD app? Thank You in advance.

The Inkbird app can connect to multiple ITC-306A, there is no limit to the number.

Hello Tania

My second inkbird does not connect for some reason. When I press the reset wifi button. It rapidly blinks I then go through setup and the wifi light on inkbird finally stops and is solid, but does not show up in app. Any ideas?

May I know that are you using the latest version of Inkbird Pro? Could you please provide your phone model and system version?
Will the second ITC-306A be displayed if the homepage of the app is pulled down?
If not, please press and hold the up (wifi) button of ITC-306A until the PV displays APP and release it. The WIFI indicator on the upper left corner of ITC-306A will flash. Please switch it to slow blink mode.
Please refer to these steps: Q&A: Inkbird WIFI product connection troubleshooting
Can it work?

Hello Tania

This is the error we receive

May I know did you contact My colleague told me that she received the same message and has already replied to you, please check the email.

Hi tania please can u help me with the below issue

Hi there ive bought 2 itc 306a wifi tempreture cintrollers ive bought them to control the tenpretures in my python vivarium i have placed one sensor in one half of the vivarium and the other sensor in the other half of the vivarium i wanted it control the the temp in hot side to 32c and in the cold end monitir the temp didnt exceed 24c im currenly using a heat mat and a sepeate ciramic heater lamp to heat the tempretures in the hot side to 32c and have nothing controlling temperature in cold side i keep getting this e4 error which i believe is due to temperature diference between the two probes can this device be used to control the temperatures in two seperate areas in one tank if so how come i keep gettin this e4 error all time or does it only controll one area and the probes have to be installed side by side in same area not in seperate halfs of the vivarium if anyone can help please email any help will be greatfully recieved im based in uk so only understand english thanks guys