INKBIRD-ITC 306a connection

Hello, I am new to this community and i have a question. I have two inkbird 306-itca, can you have multiple inkbird-itc 306A connecting to the INKBIRD app? Thank You in advance.

The Inkbird app can connect to multiple ITC-306A, there is no limit to the number.

Hello Tania

My second inkbird does not connect for some reason. When I press the reset wifi button. It rapidly blinks I then go through setup and the wifi light on inkbird finally stops and is solid, but does not show up in app. Any ideas?

May I know that are you using the latest version of Inkbird Pro? Could you please provide your phone model and system version?
Will the second ITC-306A be displayed if the homepage of the app is pulled down?
If not, please press and hold the up (wifi) button of ITC-306A until the PV displays APP and release it. The WIFI indicator on the upper left corner of ITC-306A will flash. Please switch it to slow blink mode.
Please refer to these steps: Q&A: Inkbird WIFI product connection troubleshooting
Can it work?

Hello Tania

This is the error we receive

May I know did you contact My colleague told me that she received the same message and has already replied to you, please check the email.