Iic-800 error codes/icons

There is an ICON with an X on it on my display. I have NO idea what it is. IS there a source of
error codes available? My schedule didn’t go off tonight.

Documents avail???

Could you please send a picture of the icon?

wife has it on manual running right now… I recognize the sprinkler icon on far right, bottom
the one to the left w/the X I’m unsure of.

Whatever it is caused my schedule to stop also.

It means that the rain sensor is not connected. If you don’t need to use a rain sensor, please ignore it.
May I ask if you set it by buttons or the INKBIRD app?
If it is set through the app, maybe you can provide the phone model, the function you want to achieve and a screenshot of how you set it up? Maybe I can help check if it’s a setup issue?
Just in case, please make sure the wiring is correct.