IIC-600-WIFI -- Wi Fi notification to phone of completed watering cycle

I was receiving notifications on my phone for completed watering cycles. They suddenly stopped comming. I cannot find any setting re notification except for ‘online notification’. Please advise how to turn on watering cycle complete notifications.

Please ensure that the notification and ringtone functions of your phone are turned on and the notification function of the app is turned on.
Is it still not pushing notifications by now?
If yes, please provide your country, phone model and device ID of the IIC-600-WIFI and I will contact an engineer to check.

Hi Tania,

Looks like my earlier email did not come through.

  • Notifications are on in phone for inkbird app.

  • Ringtone functions on.

  • As advised there is no switch in the app to turn notifications on except for being “offline notification”, and that is on, and presents to phone.

  • Still no push.

  • Australia, Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Device virtual ID: bfde39d32b436e5400fusz


I contacted the engineers and the notification function they tested is working fine.
Please check the message center of the app, does it have watering cycle complete message in the last few days?

I used to get completion notifications on the phone (not in the app) , but they stopped.
How do i access the “message center” of the app?


Please check through INKBIRD app - Me - Message Center.

Thank you, start messages are there as alarms.