IBT 4XP won’t charge - brand new

Hello. I’ve sent multiple emails to support with no answer . I’ve used my IBT 4xp 1 time . It will not recharge . I’ve tried many different cables that work. I want a working unit for what I paid for please and someone to answer me

I’ve messaged on Facebook , emailed , tried called getting busy signals

Maybe you can try using your computer to charge the IBT-4XP for 1-2 hours? When fully charged, please unplug the charging cable. Can it work?
Because IBT-4XP only supports 5V, 1A power supply, some mobile phone chargers are fast charging, they are not compatible, which may cause IBT-4XP can’t be charged.
If you still have problems, please provide the problem details and order information to support@inkbird.com, they will provide after-sales service.
Also, please make sure support@inkbird.com is not blacklisted or spammed by your email system. Because some email systems will block emails from support@inkbird.com, which will result in customers not being able to receive a reply.

I understand all that . I’ve used every different type of charger . Computer , Nintendo switch , I have 4 other spares bud and little . It’s not working