IBS-M2 reset and or renumber connections to IBS-TH2s

I have the IBS-M2-Kit. The M2 is connected to WiFi. I’m running the app on the latest iOS. I’ve connected my three TH2s. When I set it up it populated the TH2s as OUT2, OUT3, and OUT4. When I cycle with the CH/R Button on the M2, the M2 displays OUT0, skips OUT1, then shows the other three, then repeats. How can I reset the connections so I have OUT0, OUT1, and OUT2. Or at least OUT1, OUT2, and OUT3. It seems that OUT0 is actually the setting for display cycling. Where on my setup, leaving CH/R at, say, OUT3, leaves the display there and does not cycle. All this this is undocumented, although it’s hard to know for sure because I can’t text search the PDF file (Inkbird_IBS-M2-KIT.pdf). I unplugged the M2 and took the batteries out of the TH2s for seven hours but they kept their settings.

Please remove the sub-devices through the settings of IBS-M2 and then add the IBS-TH2s again. Will the channel change?

Thanks Tania, I didn’t know about that menu, and that’s what I needed. When I reconnected them I was able to choose the number for each device.

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