IBS-M2 Constantly connecting/reconnecting losing signal

I use an IBS-M2 and IBS-P02R combination to monitor my hot tub’s temp, and for the most part, the P02R works fantastic, the IBS-M2 however is constantly losing signal and reconnecting. I have a Unifi mesh system in the house and the M2 is located maybe 10’ from an AP setup with 2.4ghz band for it and a few other devices. What can I do to help resolve this?

Please make sure that the router does not have a limit on the number of devices that can be connected.
Maybe you can turn off 2-3 WIFI devices for testing.
To better confirm the connection of IBS-M2, please place IBS-M2 next to the router.
If it can stay connected, please put it back to its original position. If it continues to stay connected, please turn on the WIFI devices again.
If it disconnects, it is possible that the signal is unstable at the location where it is placed, for example, there is an obstacle such as a door/wall/window that affects it, please adjust it as close to the router as possible.
Can it work?