IBS-M1 won't connect to wifi, no blue wifi light

I have a new WiFi network, so I need to change the settings. When I hold the WiFi button, I can see the SmartLife network appear, and I can connect to it from my phone. But there is no blue WiFi light…fast, slow, or steady. When I try to add the device in the app, trying both the fast or slow flash modes, I send the new WiFi network and password, but it fails. I also tried using the No Display mode, but the app won’t allow me to scroll to the bottom to confirm, the keyboard won’t go away and it covers the button so I can’t move forward in that mode.

If you long press the WIFI button, the WIFI light on the IBS-M1 will not flash, but you can see the smartlife-xxx hotspot on your phone, this problem may be that the WIFI light is damaged, but the slow flash mode of the IBS-M1 will work.
Please check if the router settings are correct? Please check the settings according to this post and use the slow flash mode pairing, does it work?

Thank you, that didn’t seem to work when I tried it before, but now it is working.

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