IBS-M1 Not blinking blue slow or fast WiFi indicator I need to connect!

It was recommended by support to use the InkBird app rather that the InkBird Pro app. So I removed the app held in the rest button on the unit for 30 sec. When I try to connect there is no flashing fast or slow WiFi light. I tried all the possible way. I put in the WiFi Sid and password and it says it faked to connect. Is see it on my iPhone as a network but it’s unsecured.
What do I do to getting it connected? Step by step, please!

If you want to reset the WIFI function of IBS-M1, please press and hold the WIFI button on the front of IBS-M1 for 3 seconds. When the WIFI indicator blinks, it is reset. Please do not press the reset button on the side of the unit.
For some notes, please refer to this post: