iBBQ-4t Probe covers disintegrate during use

Not sure if I have a bad batch of probe covers, but they seem to all be disintegrating after multiple uses in my pellet smoker. I have only hand-washed the probes. Is there a recommended replacement medium? i.e. instead of using the colored silicone/rubber, can I wrap the wire to probe connection section with leather strips or something else? I want something which will still be food safe and able to withstand the temperatures in my smoker.

The silicone cover of the IBBQ-4T probe is designed to withstand temperatures from 0 ~ 250°C / 32 ~ 482°F.
Did it come into direct contact with the fire/smoker when cooking? Or was the cooking temperature too high?
Are the probes now taking accurate readings? They will work without the silicone cover. But please note that the probe wire is not waterproof, please do not wash it with water when cleaning.