Ibbq-4bw - high temp warning

1st use of my ibbq-4bw and I got the message of
“the device temperature is too high, please cool it before using it”
I was running at about 275 degrees (f).
what does the error message mean? 275 is too hot for the device/probe or something else??


Please check if the ambient temperature where the IBBQ-4BW body is placed exceeds 55C/ 131F?
Please understand that it cannot be used in high temperature environment.

The IBBQ-4BW body was 14" away from the smoker, in the shade during a 78 degree day.
I don’t think the temperature exceeded 131F as the internal smoker (pitboss) was running under 140 degrees.
Next smoke I’ll put a thermometer between the IBBQ-4BW body and my smoker

Ok, if the IBBQ-4BW triggers an alarm in error, please provide your region, phone model, the Bluetooth/wifi connection the IBBQ-4BW is using, and the device ID of the IBBQ-4BW. I will contact the engineers to check.
The device ID of IBBQ-4BW can be viewed and copied via INKBIRD APP - IBBQ-4BW - ‘more’ in the top right corner.
Thanks for your cooperation.